For a subscription fee of just £35 (for individuals) or £75 (for groups*), you and/or staff within your Department/ Organisation/ Care Home/ Healthcare Agency can access our 2021 virtual training programme over a 6 month period.

The virtual training sessions include a 'live' facilitator who will deliver the training session.   

Training courses available within the subscription include:

Care of the Dying Person

Symptom Control at end of life

Care after death and bereavement 

Introduction to Palliative Care

Enhanced Communication Skills

Caring for People Living with Dementia

Advance Care Planning

Wellbeing, Self Care and Resilience

How to Subscribe: 

Click Here to pay your subscription fee. You will then be contacted via email by a member of the Education Team to receive your unique code. This code can then be used when booking virtual courses in order for them to be accessed for free. Your subscription code will be valid for 6-months from date of purchase.

Terms & Conditions:

The virtual training programme will be reviewed periodically and may be subject to change.

* Groups can include up to 25 persons.