Help protect our nurses and care for critically ill patients.

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Nobody could have planned for the coronavirus or the impact it would have on all our lives. At a time when we need to do more to care for the increasing numbers of people who need us, we are facing huge financial losses and an uphill struggle to be there for people living across Southampton and west Hampshire.

How can you help?

  • £30 could provide protective clothing for a Mountbatten Hampshire nurse or fund a call to support a family member to help them look after a loved one in the community
  • £60 could help fund an oxygen concentrator, to help patients breathe
  • £90 could pay for a Mountbatten nurse to provide a home visit
  • £100 could cover the costs for an hour of the Community Hub, an advice line for patients which has been extended to 24/7
  • £125 could purchase a specialist bed to give patients the greatest comfort possible
  • £350 pays for a bed on our Inpatient Unit for a night

Mountbatten Hampshire nurses need your help now

Right now, Mountbatten Hampshire nurses are helping to free up beds in NHS hospitals by offering care at our hospice for patients with the coronavirus. Hundreds of people, including those with the coronavirus symptoms, continue to be looked after in their own homes by our Mountbatten Hampshire nurses.

But they don't have the equipment they need to fully protect themselves and care for the growing number of patients that need them.

Please help them to care for our community as this life-threatening disease is affecting us all.

By donating todayyou will help Mountbatten Hampshire nurses to remain on the front line, giving patients the pain relief, care and compassion, they need to live out their final days in dignity and comfort.

If you would rather fundraise, you can set up your own fundraising page, and if you would rather donate over the phone please call 02382 548801

Please donate whatever you can afford; your gift today will provide relief and safety for our nurses and patients. Thank you.