"Our bereavement services are seeing a 100% increase of need and are vital now, more than ever before. We anticipate an even greater need over the Christmas period with grief complicated by just how incredibly lonely life has been for some over the last few months. 

Grief is a natural response to death, but these feelings are often heightened during this time of year. Loneliness and the impact of bereavement at Christmas can make the death of a loved one even more devastating and, at times, this may seem unbearable.

This year the impact of Covid-19 has also been overwhelming, with many unable to be with loved ones as they have died. Saying goodbye has often been delayed and the sense of loss, for some, has been harder to cope with.

This Christmas, we are asking for support for our crucial bereavement services. With your help, we can make sure Mountbatten is by the side of everyone in need.

By donating to Mountbatten this Christmas, you will help our expert team be there for everyone who needs us.

£30 can pay for a bereavement session to help someone come to terms with the death of a loved one, wherever or however it has happened.

£50 can pay for a bereavement session for a group (up to 15) of adults or children (up to 8)

£80 can pay for resources to support art, music and drama classes, enabling the arts as a way to access bereavement services for our community

With your generosity, we will still be just a phone call away. Thank you."

How your donation will help people adjust to the death of a loved one

“I can't thank Mountbatten enough for all the support they have shown me and my family. From the moment we walked through the door we felt our shoulders drop and relax knowing that Mum was in the best place and that we were going to be supported too. Before Mum died, we met the bereavement team who then followed up with us after Mum had died. I received 1-1 support with Deb and my children attended the Children's bereavement group with Deba and Lisa, they loved this so much and I was able to connect with other parents who were trying to navigate grief with children too. I wasn't alone! Mountbatten bereavement support feels like a great big warm hug that encapsulated the whole family. Forever grateful”

How to access our bereavement services

Our bereavement support is available to everyone - whether or not you, or your loved one, have previously been supported by Mountbatten. You can ask your GP to refer you to this service, or you can contact us yourself on 02382 548 840.