Chris’ mum died at Mountbatten Hampshire in 2014, in that same year his grandmother, aunt and two of his uncles died at the hospice.

Ever since, Chris has been a valued supporter of the charity, both personally by attending events and fundraising, and through his business Drive Personnel - sponsoring Sunflower Memory Walk and Light Up A Life. Chris would like to share his story, in memory of his mum.

Chris’ Story

My mum taught me the right values in life - good manners, respect, discipline, honesty and to work hard. She was my safety net – she never judged me, even when I knew I was in the wrong. We were very close growing up because my dad would go out to work and Mum would look after my sister and me.

I miss my mum every day. I was very much my mother’s son – everyone used to say so because we had similar traits and characteristics.

I remember when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. We thought, initially, that it was her cholesterol playing up but a week after she had some tests, we were given the devastating news, which was a massive shock.

We went away to the Lake District and you would have never have known there was anything wrong, Mum walked miles and was in good spirits. She was only 5’2 but she was pretty hardy and even right up until she went into the hospice, she was living at home independently.

In the end it wasn’t safe for her to be at home and after one phone call we were being supported by Mountbatten Hampshire – it was Countess Mountbatten Hospice then. She spent five days in the hospice before she died. Part of me felt relieved because she’d had enough in the end.

The care my family members received and the comfort I got from knowing they were in the best possible place during their last few days and hours really made a difference. It made life that little bit more bearable in what was the most difficult period of my life. Mountbatten was there for me when I needed them, and I know other people that they have been there for too.

Ever since, I have resolved to do whatever I can to support Mountbatten, and thankfully, I am in a position to give something back. It gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to support them through my business, Drive Personnel, and it helps to keep Mum’s memory alive.