A two-day experiential course that explores challenging and complex communication situations, for example managing complaints, conflict, high levels of distress, delivering bad news and facilitating difficult conversations such as end of life planning.

Based on the evidence-based and widely used model of training developed by the National Cancer Action Team (Connected).


The training approach is experiential and involves the use of professional actors, role play and video recording. Through role-play exercises with professional actors, you will recreate a challenging communication scenario which will be recorded to enable the opportunity for powerful reflection and constructive feedback. Expert communication trainers facilitate the training to ensure those attending feel supported and safe to fully engage in the process.

The agenda will be tailored to individual learning needs.

Learning outcomes

  • To increase awareness of your own communication style
  • To explore strategies to improve the quality of communication
  • To increase skill in communicating effectively
  • To enhance inter-professional communication skills
  • To increase confidence in communicating in a range of difficult communication situations

Who should attend

This course is suitable for all senior health and social care staff, medical and allied health professionals (Band 6 and above) working with people who are living with a long-term condition, at end of life and in palliative care.


Mountbatten Hampshire, Botley Road, West End, Southampton SO30 3JB


£475 per person (including VAT)

Feedback from previous delegates:

"The course was emotive, engaging and encouraging."

"Informative, supportive, (slightly) uncomfortable but such a great and valuable learning experience."

"The actors enabled more life like situations to practice communication techniques."

"A very valuable course that will enhance my practice."

"A great learning experience."

How to book

Click on the dates below:

8th & 9th November 2022

or to request further information email [email protected] 

Please note that cancellations made within 24 hours of the training start date will be charged the full price. Cancellations made prior to this will incur a 1.5% processing fee.