Whether you have experienced bereavement because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, or through other circumstances during these challenging times, we are sorry that someone close to you has died.

Talking about your loss

At a time when we are being asked to self-isolate, we are aware your feelings of grief may become more intense. This is understandable and our usual advice would be to talk to friends and family. Despite the isolation that we are all experiencing, this is still possible and you can keep in regular contact with others by phone, text or by using video calls.

It is ok if you find this difficult. Others may also be feeling socially isolated and connecting with other people can be one of the most helpful ways to cope when someone close to us dies.

How Mountbatten Hampshire can help

We are continuing to offer as much support as we can. Our Psychology and Bereavement Service is being extended to offer support over the phone for anyone who needs us.

You can self-refer to this free service, or ask your GP to refer you to our service.

Call our team on 02382 548848 during office hoursWhen you call this number, you will speak to a member of our Mountbatten Hampshire team who will arrange telephone support with one of our trained counsellors. You may feel a one-off phone call is sufficient, but we are happy to offer a series of calls, if that is needed.

You can find further ways to help you cope through this period of isolation in our bereavement leaflet.