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Debbie Thresher is a busy lady. But despite having a full-time job, Debbie, 58, from Shirley, volunteers every week to support Mountbatten.

“I haven’t been volunteering for very long, but I love it”, Debbie said, speaking from the Mountbatten Shirley shop where she helps every Wednesday. “Whenever I get a bit of spare time, I do a bit extra in the shop.” 

We rely on the generosity of people like Debbie, whose support enables us to provide the best possible care for people across Southampton and large parts of Hampshire. 

“Giving something back no matter how small is so rewarding. It has given me a greater perspective on life and my own self-awareness,” said Debbie.

Like many of our volunteers, Debbie chose to give her time to Mountbatten because of her personal experience of our services.

 “I’ve seen first-hand the amazing work this charity does,” she said. “The kindness and compassion and the ongoing support to families and loved ones is remarkable. I wanted to give my time to a cause that supports local people when they need it the most.”

Volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV, build your experience, boost your social life, and give back to your community. Debbie has supported different areas of the organisation since joining Mountbatten as a volunteer in September 2021, including the bereavement team and the inpatient unit.

“All the teams I’ve worked with have been so lovely,” said Debbie. “My first real stint as a volunteer was working with the bereavement team at the Eastleigh Christmas Market. I loved every minute, and I was made to feel extremely welcome.

“Since becoming a volunteer I feel I can make a difference...from holding someone’s hand and just being here when they need to talk, to helping raise funds in the shop, and spreading the word about the work Mountbatten does at events.”

When she first signed up, Debbie knew she wanted to give something back, but she didn’t expect the life-changing impact volunteering would have on her.

“I can honestly say volunteering for Mountbatten has had a positive impact on me. I feel I can make a difference and take on new challenges, and I’ve met some amazing people. But most of all I’m having fun.”

With the demand for our services increasing rapidly, we need more people like Debbie to give their time, creativity, experience, and knowledge to fill a wide range of volunteer roles. There are opportunities to fit whatever time you have available, and we are flexible to make sure it fits with your life. And as Debbie says, there are lots of benefits for you, too.

“I would recommend volunteering with Mountbatten to anyone. Do It! Being part of a community, learning new life skills and giving back selflessly. It will change your life.”

Come and join Debbie and our amazing team of volunteers.

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