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We all want to make sure that our loved ones are taken care of in the future. By writing a Will, you can make sure that your money, property, and possessions go to the people and causes that you care about after you die. But it’s something we often put off.

We have partnered with Bequeathed to offer you a FREE online Will-writing service that allows you to make a simple Will in a way that suits you best.

The properly advised process will guide you through all the issues that have an impact on your estate and the people you want to look after.

When you make your Will for Good with Bequeathed:

  • You do get legal advice.
  • You can make fully informed decisions based on that advice.
  • You will avoid a simplistic online Will that puts your loved ones at risk.

Please note:

If you have a dependent who has a learning disability, please do not use Bequeathed, you will need specialist advice.

Please be aware if your Will is more complex our free Wills service may not be suitable, and you may be directed to a solicitor who will charge a fee. In this instance a local solicitor of your choosing may be more suitable. You can find a list of local solicitors here.

The Bequeathed process

With Bequeathed you can make a start on your Will For Good immediately. 

  1. Using the link above at a time that suits you, register and complete the online Will interview. If you need help you can search hundreds of guidance articles, use the online chat, or book a support call.
  2. Once the online interview is complete, you’ll receive online legal advice tailored to your circumstances. This will be in the form of recommendations, and sometimes requirements, from Bequeathed’s in-house Solicitor.
  3. You can book a free legal appointment to discuss any of these in more detail, then decide if you’d like to go ahead with a free basic Will or pay for the additional protection discussed. Or, as long as a free basic Will is suitable for your circumstances, you can choose the convenience of having your Will delivered straight to your inbox.
  4. However you choose to complete it, you’ll receive your Will along with instructions on signing it correctly in front of witnesses. You’ll also receive a Letter of Advice summarising everything you’ve been told, and setting out what your Will does and doesn’t do.
Start your free Will

Leaving a gift to Mountbatten

There is no obligation to include a gift in your Will to Mountbatten but many people like you do.
Gifts in Wills help us to care for people in our community facing death, dying and bereavement when they need us most.

Your legacy will be a lifeline for families in Southampton and large parts of Hampshire, sending them expert care and support any time of day or night.

Find out more about Gifts in Wills