In Memory

Glenys Jacob

10 Apr 1946 - 23 Oct 2023

Fortunately, Glenys was always naturally inclined to look on the bright side. After a very challenging and exhausting 18 years looking after her husband, who’d been severely disabled by a stroke, Glenys had just six short months to start to live her own life, joining a few clubs and meeting new like-minded people, whilst doing things she enjoyed – knitting, crocheting, lace making – before Covid lockdown in 2020 brought everything to a halt again. Then in early 2021, out of the blue, she became unwell. After an emergency admission to hospital, bowel cancer was unexpectedly found, and in spite of the number of ways she liked to challenge the system…..and the staff (initial curative surgery, emergency surgery, trip to ICU, weeks of hospital stays, months of rehabilitation, further surgery, some of the most unusual and unexpected side effects of what was now palliative treatment you can think of…!!), she still maintained a generally optimistic and positive outlook, even though the unfairness of the situation was that she had always looked after herself and had ‘no underlying health conditions Throughout the 15 months of palliative chemotherapy treatment, Countess Mountbatten staff visited us periodically, and we made occasional use of their 24-hour helpline – this aspect in particular was an amazing support service, helping to rationalise potential emergency situations, particularly outside of ‘office hours’. Another unexpected emergency admission to hospital in early October 2023, resulted after a few days, in the transfer to Countess Mountbatten Hospice Hampshire, in order to review her pain medication before sending her home. Sadly for us all, this instead turned into the final two weeks of her being with us. The staff at Countess Mountbatten Hampshire were exceptional and the standard of every aspect of her care could not be faulted, extending also to those who visited Glenys throughout her stay. There is no doubt that we will miss Glenys immensely. She was, as many have said, a strong lady, resilient, a fighter and despite all the trials and trauma she endured, maintained her positive, bright, outgoing personality to the end.

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