22 November 2020

Special food hampers have been gifted to all Mountbatten staff, as a thank you for their efforts and commitment during the coronavirus pandemic.

The hampers, made by Briddlesford Lodge Farm on the Isle of Wight, have been stocked with a range of items from Island producers, including garlic, mustard, biscuits, tea and mayonnaise.

Many of the products have been given in kind, while some small financial donations from patients and family members given specifically for Mountbatten to treat the staff have also been very welcome.

“We have some regular givers who like their financial donations to be used as a way of thanking staff for their work and support, so this year we decided this was an appropriate way to spend some of the money,” said Mountbatten CEO Nigel Hartley.

“We would normally have a party for staff and volunteers during the summer and at Christmas time but clearly we cannot do that this year.

“Everyone at Mountbatten continues to work so hard during what is a very difficult time and it is important to us we recognise that in any way we can.

"We value their commitment to always work above and beyond what is expected. It is always difficult to reward staff appropriately for what they do and these hampers are a really lovely way to acknowledge their ongoing contribution to Mountbatten and our local communities.

"We hope these small gifts go a long way to ensuring all of our staff feel valued and appreciated and we hope all of our communities across Southampton and west Hampshire join us in thanking them for their ongoing work.”