Frontline staff at Mountbatten Hampshire have helped a teenager fulfil her mother’s special wish.

With prom night’s cancelled due to coronavirus, a patient at the West End hospice had given up hope of seeing her daughter in a prom dress.

However, Mountbatten staff stepped in, helping to obtain the dress the pair wanted and organised an afternoon tea and photo shoot, so they could make special memories together.

It inspired the staff to dress up in similar outfits, to help the teenager feel like she wasn’t all dressed up alone.

“We just wanted to bring a smile to them both,” said Mountbatten healthcare assistant Charmaine Skinner, who organised it.

“We may not have had the hair stylists or the grand entrance but we were able to make a magical moment for them.

“I was worried it wasn’t the day this lovely young girl would have dreamt about, all dressed up with nowhere to go, so we all did the same at home to make her smile.

“We were all quite creative and had a lot if fun with it, so we would love others to follow because it would bring some happiness to all at a really difficult time.”

Anyone who would like to send photos of themselves in prom-style outfits, in support of the teenager and our amazing staff, please share on our Facebook page, tagging Mountbatten Hampshire.

Featured picture, taken by Mountbatten Hampshire's Mark Gowers, was captured during the prom event at the hospice this week.

Photo collage shows Mountbatten staff 'dressing up with nowhere to go', in support of the teenager.