28 April 2020

Countess Mountbatten Hospice in Southampton, part of the old Moorgreen Hospital site, West End, has been renamed Mountbatten Hampshire.

The hospice, which supports people in Southampton and west Hampshire, formed a partnership with Mountbatten Isle of Wight in April 2019.

Hear from Mountbatten CEO Nigel Hartley here.

From NHS-run to independent charity

“We need a name and a look which supports our efforts to tell our full and developing story,” said Mountbatten CEO Nigel Hartley.

“We rebranded Mountbatten Isle of Wight only two years ago and it has helped us to start changing perceptions around our work, who we are and what we do.

“Having spent the last 12 months talking to our staff, volunteers, patients, their families and friends and the different communities in Hampshire, we felt this was the right time to move the brand over.

“We have gone from an NHS-run hospice to an independent organisation reliant on more community support and we need people to know how the money they raise for our cause is used.

“I am convinced this rebrand will help us to do that, as we look to develop more services to meet the demand in Southampton and west Hampshire.”

Little cost to rebranding

With the Mountbatten logo and branding already established on the Isle of Wight, the change has come at little cost to the Southampton facility.

A new shop in West End village opened in January with the new branding and Mountbatten’s two other shops, located in Weeke and Hedge End, will also be changed.

It’s hoped more Mountbatten shops will open across its catchment area over the coming years.

Find a list of FAQs explaining why we have rebranded here.

Living, dying, remembering

A new strapline describing the three core elements of Mountbatten’s work, living, dying, remembering, has also been introduced as part of the rebranding, while references to ‘your local hospice’ will initially be used for publicity purposes.

Since the partnership was formed 12 months ago, a host of new services, free at the point of delivery, have been introduced at Mountbatten.

New services 

A new psychology and bereavement service and a community hub with a helpline for people to call when they need support, have started.

Mountbatten also plans to develop its day and outpatient services at its Hazel Centre over the next year, together with round-the-clock care packages within the places people live.

It costs more than £7 million a year to run all of Mountbatten’s services across Southampton and Hampshire.

“The vital message is we will use this opportunity to really enable our local communities to understand everything that we offer, and where their fundraising goes,” added Nigel.

“Although the Mountbatten Hampshire Hospice building sits in Eastleigh, the majority of the services we offer are within people’s own homes across our wide catchment area.

“Our work is our message and what we do really matters. We therefore need your support in the years to come.

“We want people to help us to continue and to grow, so we will be here for everyone when they need us.”