Tech firm Parker Meggitt has donated £6,000 to Mountbatten Hampshire in memory of a close friend and colleague.

Steve Aubrey, who worked for the company for more than 40 years, was under the care of Mountbatten for six years before he died in 2022.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016, which later spread, Steve received rehabilitation and wellbeing services at the West End hospice.

He was also instrumental in helping Mountbatten staff set up its Build and Banter group, aimed at men with life-limiting illnesses who could come together to share their experiences.

Lego models built by the group are on display at Mountbatten and are often auctioned to raise money.

Staff at Meggitt, including Steve’s wife, Sally, organised raffles, quizzes and other fundraising activities to raise the money.

“Steve loved coming to Mountbatten, it was a very special place for him,” said Sally.

“He felt very home and would never want to miss a Build and Banter session.

“He was always made to feel very welcome and it was a great support to us both for many years.

“We are really pleased as a company to have raised £6,000 towards Mountbatten’s ongoing work.”

When Steve and Sally got married in 2019, the couple asked guests for donations to Mountbatten instead of gifts.

They raised £2,000.

Nigel Hartley, Mountbatten CEO, said: “We are incredibly grateful to the team at Parker Meggitt for raising so much money.

“Steve will always be remembered by our staff who were close to him and the success of Build and Banter is testament to him.”

Photo, from left to right: Parker Meggitt's Paul Spencer and Matt David, with Mountbatten CEO Nigel Hartley, centre, Sally Aubrey and Mountbatten occupational therapist Adam McIntosh, who set up Build and Banter with Steve. 

Photo, right, shows Steve with Sally.