Sergey Yakovlev, 47, was so poorly back in January that his wife, Jurgita, was told he did not have long to live. 

He arrived at hospital with internal bleeding, fluid in his lungs and sepsis and needed an emergency blood transfusion. 

Doctors did everything to help with his illness and battled to keep him alive during two spells in intensive care. 

“He was in an induced coma for a week in hospital and was very poorly,” said Jurgita.

“I was told Sergey would be disconnected from life support and that it would be just a matter of days.” 

Sergey was referred to Mountbatten for end-of-life care and was asleep for his first two weeks at the hospice.

After coming round, he had lost 20kg in weight and was suffering with malnutrition and muscle fatigue.

However, once he was able to, Sergey started a strength-building exercise a plan from the Mountbatten rehabilitation team, which proved to be a life-changing moment.

“I had been so out of it for such a long time that I was confused and wasn’t sure if I was in a dream,” he said. 

“The Mountbatten teams did everything to help me regain my strength.

“I had exercises with resistance bands to do in bed and sessions in the gym, playing ball. The team were so focused on me getting better.

The food was really great; the facilities were really clean – the staff go above and beyond to care for people. 

“They always took time to have a chat about all sorts of things; they became my friends and felt like family - they brought me back to life.” 

The expert care he received on the inpatient unit and through the rehabilitation programme saved Sergey from the brink of death.

Now, he has returned to work and living life to the full. 

“It was a miracle,” said Jurgita. 

“To see Sergey exercising and getting stronger was truly amazing. 

“The care and support was so focused and I was so relieved he was in good hands with Mountbatten. 

“It is unreal where we have come from to where we are today.” 

Once he was well enough, Sergey was transferred to a rehabilitation ward at Southampton Royal Hants Hospital, expecting to stay there for three months, but within four weeks, he was discharged.

The experience has changed his outlook on life. 

“I feel like I’ve been given a second chance, and I consider what happened a blessing in the end. I worry less and live more.

“I used to postpone life, thinking ‘one day I’ll do that’. 

“Now I know one day might never come.”

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