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Last August, seven members of the Roudh and Pottiwal families completed a skydive over Salisbury Plains, part of various fundraising activities to raise money for the teams that cared for two of their relatives.

Although the moments before the jump were nerve-wracking, the family agreed that completing it was one of the best experiences of their lives.

Bhadur, whose uncle and cousin both received care from Mountbatten Hampshire before they died, said: “I think everyone should do it; it’s the best feeling ever.”

“When my uncle died, we knew we needed to cherish life and have more experiences together as a family. The skydive was a perfect way for us to do that while raising money for Mountbatten.

We made a whole day of it. Loads of family and friends came out to support us. We had a barbecue and a big party and even stopped by Stonehenge on the drive back!"

“It’s a memory that will stay with us forever."

"My young kids, nieces and nephews all hear about it, and I hope it inspires them to do something like it one day."

On the way down, the group enjoyed views of Salisbury, Portsmouth and Bournemouth and could even see the Isle of Wight.

His daughter Kareena, who also braved the jump, said, “It was amazing for us all to raise money together in memory of people we love. The actual jump is not as scary as you think – I would definitely do it again!”

Together, they raised £5000 from the group skydive, and other family fundraisers brought the total up to £8500.

Bhadur’s cousin died in our hospice building in West End, while his uncle was supported at home by Mountbatten community nurses and carers.

He said: “It’s a charity that’s very close to our hearts because we’ve got first-hand experience of the service they provide.”

“I’ve experienced both sides of it, and both were such incredible care. It was just a lifeline at a difficult time.”

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