A very special visitor helped to make a very special memory for Alison Little and her family.

With the help of Mountbatten and some family friends, Alison, an inpatient, was able to fulfil one of her last wishes, which was to see a horse.

'Mr Jeeves' recently visited Alison at Mountbatten Hampshire, a moment she and her family will cherish forever.

"Mountbatten is a 'can do' place, the staff are wonderful and it was a very special day," said Alison's husband, Ian.

"The horse stayed for about 20 minutes, the staff also came to see him and Alison's face was a picture.

"We didn't think this box could be ticked but it means so much to us all that we could make it happen.

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone at Mountbatten."