Church, sport, walks, activities and holidays all used to be part of a very full and busy life for Michael Fudge. 

The retired engineer loved the outdoors and was happiest when tending to his garden, playing bowls or socialising with family and friends. 

However, life began to change when Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Gradually, as his mental and physical condition deteriorated, he became less able to do the things he loved.

Even if he made plans, they were often changed at the last minute because frequent and unpredictable symptoms made him too poorly.

Michael was referred to Mountbatten, and since January, he has been visiting our hospice twice a week for rehabilitation and to take part in our social programme of activities, including gardening club and quizzes. 

It has proved to be ‘life-changing’ for reasons he did not expect.

“I was beginning to feel housebound because I can no longer drive, and I desperately missed interacting with people,” said Michael.

“You expect things to happen as you get older, but Parkinson’s has accelerated it considerably.

“I cannot easily go anywhere because if I have a bad session with my Parkinson’s, I just have to come home. It is so restricting, and I became frustrated by life.

“When I started coming to Mountbatten, everything changed, and it made such a difference to my life. 

“It is unique – there is no other social environment like it. The staff are so caring, and they know when I need to rest. I can lie down whenever I need to, and when I’m ready, I can join in with the activities again.

“My wife knows I’m in a safe and caring place, and she knows I’m in good hands, which means so much to me.”

Michael has made friends with others who access our services, and he has enjoyed being able to support them too.

“Regardless of diagnosis, or how poorly someone might be, we can all still help each other. I feel incredibly grateful, even with my Parkinson’s, to still be able to support other people.

“Mountbatten has given this opportunity back to me.”

Over many years, Michael and his wife, Marilyn, have been involved in raising money for various charities and understand the importance of fundraising, even more so in the current challenging times.

“Without the support from the community, Mountbatten could not provide the range of services it does to the growing number of people it’s reaching every day.

“If you can support our local hospice, it really makes a difference to so many people.”

Thanks to your loyal support, people with life-limiting illnesses, like Michael, can live as well as possible and make the most of every day.

Your gifts give patients and their families choices about the care they receive, providing the highest quality nursing, medical, and therapeutic care within our hospice and in people's homes, supporting the physical, social, and psychological needs of our patients and their loved ones. 

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