Because of you…our Mountbatten nurses and doctors on the frontline are protected from coronavirus.

“The support we are able to provide for vulnerable and isolated people at home is invaluable.”

Dr Andrew Jenks, Mountbatten medical consultant, is involved in caring for patients and families both in the community and at the hospice.

Hundreds of people living across Southampton and west Hampshire are being supported by Mountbatten Hampshire, and this includes managing their distressing symptoms or caring for those who are dying.

“The need for this type of care has not gone away because of coronavirus,” said Dr Jenks.

“In many ways, the needs of our patients have increased as they face new and unprecedented challenges.

“The majority of those known to our teams are in ‘vulnerable’ groups and many are struggling with needing to self-isolate or shield themselves at home. This is having a big impact on many people’s quality of life, particularly their ability to see family and other loved ones.

“This is so important for many people who may be facing frightening and distressing situations and really value the support their families provide them.

“The way we support the people known to our services has needed to adapt but as a team we are still dedicated and passionate about providing the help and care people need at a difficult time in their lives.

“For people in the community, this has increasingly been support by phone, but also through face-to-face visits when required - the support we are able to provide for vulnerable and isolated people at home is invaluable. “

While the global issue of sourcing PPE has been well documented, Mountbatten Hampshire, to date, has been well equipped to provide staff with the protection they need, and that is largely thanks to your generosity.

Having good stocks of PPE is one less concern but getting used to wearing it is another.

“Personally, I have found it challenging to adapt to the need to wear PPE.

“Communication is so vital in palliative care and so much of our communication is non-verbal – through body language, facial expression and so on. It is difficult to express this effectively when your face is covered with a mask and eye shield.

“But we are a strong team and we will continue to do all we can to deliver compassionate and personalised care to our patients, and their families, regardless of where they are.

“We are hugely thankful to our community for rallying to support our need for PPE, it really is hugely appreciated by us all.”

Because of you, Mountbatten nurses and doctors have the protection they need and the strength to carry on.

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Thank you.