Our Hazel Centre hosts a regular timetable of fun and relaxing activities, from gardening and games to music and making memories.

Everyone is welcome to take part in our activities, though we encourage individuals to be referred to Mountbatten first.

This is an easy process and it simply enables us to get to know more about you and how we can help you best.

Our social programme is run by staff and volunteers who are available to support patients throughout the day. 

Our Mountbatten Cafe is located in the Hazel Centre and is open to the public, serving a range of hot and cold food, drinks, cakes and snacks.

You can view the timetable below:

Hazel Centre social programme.  Monday. 10.30am till 12pm: Down to Earth Gardening Group. 12.45pm - till1.45pm: Open Music Session. 1.30pm till 3pm: Build and Banter (Referral only). 1.30pm till 3.30pm: Stitch and Knit. All day until 4pm: OPA clinics

Last update: July 2023.